Below is an ALL about section of the RAWRTISTS for this Issue!
    Much Gratitude for their love, and contribution to it!!
    Read their RAWESOME stories!


    Rawrtist will make its debut this Saturday at the Chicago Zine Fest. The intention of this is to spread the message as much as possible -I encourage people to download the pdf here FOR FREE!! Print it in black and white (it will be less $)or color so you can donate to your fave stores and places in your area!
    Ask for it to be printed in booklet format! See if in your area they have any zines, you could also trade the zines too! Learn&Grow!

    On the back cover of the page there is a QR code that takes people to the EZINE version instantly. I'll be making some tiny takeaways too to add as inserts to drop off to spread awareness about this! If you have any ideas let me know! and we can design it together :) my email is ariarifact@gmail.com and I can email them your way too!


    RAWRTIST for zine cover & raw carrot apple date bites

    found out about the recipe via raw vegan Megan Elizabeth.

    Ashley, 22 (website)(photography)
    City: Sacramento, California 

    ....Well, my name is Ashley and I am a health enthusiast! Prior to starting my health journey I suffered from disordered eating, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Upon eliminating gluten and soy out of my diet my symptoms dramatically improved and becoming raw vegan has eliminated all signs of mental illness. I am now a happy, energetic, 21 year old who wishes to help create a healthier world. Since finding this lifestyle I have also found a love for running and doing yoga. 
    Q: Raw for how long?
    100% since December 21, 2012 and had been transitioning for about a year prior to that =D
    Q: Found out about raw /801010/ via?
    I found out about 80-10-10 from my husband. I was out of town for 1 week and while I was gone he stumbled upon Dr. Doug Graham's lectures and book "The 80-10-10 Diet". When I came back home he had purchased a ton of fruit and explained to me how he pretty much found the answer we had been looking for.

    RAWRTIST for Blueberry - Banana Dreamsicle Recipe

    Kiwi, 21 (website)
    Madison, Wisconsin

    Fitness enthusiast, and nature lover with a permanent case of wanderlust  who is passionate about life. I've cured my Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroidism theough a raw food diet, and I have never been happier!
    Q: Raw for? 
    10 months!
    Q: How did you find out about 801010? 
    I found Freelee's videos on YouTube..which led me to Dr. Douglas Graham's book, "The 80/10/10 Diet."


    AJ, 22 (website)
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    ..I love nature and all of the amazing things that our planet has to offer, specially fruits and vegetables. I went raw initially to heal my body after years of disordered eating and other habits that wreaked havoc on my health. One year later, I feel better than I ever have in my life.
    Q: Raw for? 
    14 months!
    Q: How did you found out about 801010? 
    Harley Johnstone / aka DURIANRIDER YouTube Channel


    Raini, 23 (website)
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Just a kid who would rather fit into nature than our current society.
    Q: Raw for? 
    5 years!
    Q: How did you find out about 801010? 
    Ate mushrooms when I was 16, learned that there was a better way to be learned about through looking at nature worlds work. Eventually followed the path I was shown, and ended up working at a raw restaurant. Afters years on gourmet raw diet, I realized that DURIANRIDER and Freelee were right all along.

    RAWRTIST for Grow Gardens Not Lawns

    Sindy Ari, 23 (website)
    Chicago, Illinois
    Free Spirit, Art Activist. sm:)e
    Q: Raw for? 
    Transitioning since Jan. 2013 100% Vegan 95% Raw most of the times.
    Q: How did you find out about 801010?
    I really feel like it found me! I was looking for answers, I was so unsettled by things in my life and wanted answers. I started to research randomly the words raw culinary school - found out about Matthew Kenney Cuisine and I ended up clicking some YouTube videos and researching more on raw foods - and voila! I found something that has helped me in my energy and MORE importantly I just feel very connected to the planet, it is very peaceful. I would never go back! I got more excited when I saw how beautiful, SIMPLE and loving this lifestyle is. It is so COLORFUL and there is also a Woodstock Fruit Fest! Watch their documentary that is how I found out about Fully Raw Kristina & many more :)DOUBLE CLIK TO VIEW FULL VERSION ONLINE

  • Ari, Here! It has been a very long time since I have written here! I am back in full motion from now on. There are no real excuses, so sorry! I finally have my studio organized to send raw-recipes - and to photograph!

    I've been feeling awesomer each day that I transition to a fully raw lifestyle. It really is creative to live this way.

    There is a zine on the works at the moment, made by Raw. Artists, for everyone to see. If you like to contribute check out info here.
    It's not too late to submit - you have till February 20th. It will be published on the web, as well as on print. The zine will be unveiled and launched at this years Chicago Zine Fest!

    Well "valentine's" as I like to call it instead VEGANTINE is right around the corner. Celebrate LOVE & FRIENDSHIP as much as possible -- those are the utmost important parts of existence to bring to live. Co-exist with love, build relationships via friendships.

    The Vagabond Vegantine Mixcast - has a mix of Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese music, and some Slowdive and The Beatles too. The mixcast is nice to enjoy when you wake up to drink that beautiful raw smoothie!

    The smoothie on the pic is a Straw-Nana Smoothie you only need the below:

    4 slightly frozen bananas
    1 cup of water
    A Handful of Strawberries
    Blend and you are ready to conquer the day!

  • ºººas promised here is the mixcastººº
  • ...Beet-Fruit Juice!
    This is a lush lush burgundy wine color juice, nothing compares. It is a wonderful simple juice to sip and jump start the morning...and full of YUM! and vitamins, minerals that are just going to go directly to your bloodstream and kick-start your day! Go organic as much as possible. The point is to add more inner wealth to you health!

    *chill before serving, or add ice *


    • One Beet, diced in 4s
    • A bit of Ginger
    • Couple Kale leaves
    • 1/2 Grapefruit 
    • One Lime
    • Handful of Grapes

    Blend all ingredients, I use a Vitamix. Then strain it, so it can be super smooth, or you can use a juicer!

        Enjoy!!!! Love, Ari xo


    Known as "body fuel" give you all the carbs, without a feeling of slump - which you can get from eating things like cereals, doughnuts, this has no refined sugars or fat, making you feel like a rock star! There also used treat / prevent cancer, there is such thing as Beet Therapy - used to remove tumors!!

    Its a tid spicy root that helps reduce inflammation, aka tummy healer!

    Kale Leaves
    Kale is gorgeous, high in antioxidants, minerals such as Vitamin K, A, C and even CALCIUM! Yes, Calcium - better than "got milk?" why? because it is absorbed directly into your bones because its non-processed and it is natural - meaning the body knows what to do with it, heal you! Oh and rich in fiber too! 

    Super high in enzymes, and burns the fat! High in water content, so it will fill you up - and keep you feeling rejuvenated  - and looking great, if you feel great, you'll look great!

    As a citrus it has Vitamin C! And also helps the digestive system have a smoother flow.

    Sweet, and nothing to feel guilty of! Helps keep your heart healthy - and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.


  • Welcome to the first Arifact Vision TV vlog. Here I go over clearing the mind, enjoy!


  • VINTAGE: Hand Crochet Rose Parttern 
    COLOR: Forest Mocha with Cream Pearl Detail
    SIZE: One Size
    CONDITION: Very good.

  • Welcome to the new cozy home for arifact.com. I'm Ari, I enjoy learning - above anything else. I just quit my "job" last week, and decided to delve into a life rebirth. Ultimately, I like the idea of becoming a lifestyle designer/ guru. In order to be anything in life, you  just have to DO it. So I'll be doing various things. Including; Arifact Vision TV Vlog, Vintage Boutique, Raw Food Explorations, Spirituality, Sponterventions etc. The journey has no limits.....My friend Ara, will also be tagging along. We are lovers of Kombucha..and share a friendship that is invaluable. I miss her, she is in New York where we met, and I live in Chicago, for now. Check out Miracle Makers to the right, a few people that make magic everyday, by following their passions and get things done!


    p.s. i've left some posts up in the old site, visit here !!!